Purses You’ll Actually Want To Take To An NFL Game

Forgive me for being so behind on covering this, but better late than never, right? If you’re a female NFL fan, you’ve likely heard that the NFL has essentially banned purses. Not just oversized-practically-a-carry-on-suitcase purses, but anything that’s much bigger than your cell phone. You can now either take in a clear Ziploc bag (year … Continue reading

Game Day Nail Art

I have never been a big fan of nail art. Probably because I rarely ever paint my nails – it takes too long and they always just chip in a few days anyway. However, thanks to Pinterest I have seem some nail designs that I would actually consider trying for certain occasions (and yes, football games … Continue reading

K-State is turning PINK

Victoria’s Secret FINALLY got its act together and announced that K-State will be joining its PINK collegiate line. Female K-Staters are very excited, as evidenced by the plethora of announcements that showed up in my Facebook Newsfeed. And for good reason; we’ve had to watch as KU and Mizzou fans paraded around in their PINKness … Continue reading

MLS All-Star Outfits

It’s a big day in Kansas City – the MLS All-Star will be starting at Sporting Park in just a few hours. The city has been full of excited soccer fans since this past weekend, going to various soccer-themed events and crowding into Power & Light for free concerts. In honor of the All-Star game, … Continue reading

Oscar Meets Football

A couple weeks ago I finally saw “Silver Linings Playbook” – getting in at least one Best Picture film before the Oscars. I won’t go into a film analysis, other to say I really liked it, but I do want to talk about one aspect of it: football. Specifically, the Philadelphia Eagles. If you haven’t … Continue reading

Sporty Style For A Football Fiesta(Bowl)

Today I’m taking the blog out of the stadium and out into the streets for a very special event! My 11-1 Kansas State Wildcats, led by the Heisman-worthy Collin Klein, will be making an appearance, and hopefully scoring a victory, against the Oregon Ducks in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl tomorrow! Not being able to afford … Continue reading

Stadium Style Inspiration – Casual Tailgating

I have yet another bit of outfit inspiration from Jessica at What I Wore, which is odd considering hers isn’t even a style blog I read regularly. Maybe it’s because she’s one of the few fashion bloggers who puts together sporty outfits. Anyway, here’s a casual tailgating outfit she featured a few months ago. It’s … Continue reading

Style Challenge – Purple Peacoat

Last month, Jessica from What I Wore posted a style challenge: style one piece in two different ways. I instantly had the perfect idea for a piece that was a bit different from the norm AND would fit in with my blog’s sporty theme. However, I found the challenge on Thursday and the deadline to … Continue reading

Happy Halloween!

I wasn’t planning on doing a Halloween post, until I came across this fun photo (combining football and Halloween) I had in my files. It’s a picture of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrating their 23-20 overtime victory against the San Diego Chargers, and I love how fun it is! And, much as I am passionate … Continue reading